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Why invest in Brazil, particularly in the Northeast


Brazil is an economy in permanent expansion, especially in the Northeast. It grows in all sectors and directions and offers the best conditions for those who want to grow with it. A privileged geographic position, with a territorial area of 1,5 million square kilometres, the size of France, Italy, the United kingdom and Germany together. A population of 51 million inhabitants (2005) or 28% of the Brazilian population; The Gross Domestic Product of USD 93,6 billions (2004), bigger than countries as Chile, the Northeast of Brazil appears as the land of opportunities for who wants to invest and grow. The good opportunities of Brazil are here. The Brazilian economy is the one that has been growing the most in  South America and the one that has been receiving direct investments. Every day the number of businesses done with Brazil is greater.


Brazil, a life style


For some time, the natural beauties and the carnival confers to Brazil international fame, and have been attracting thousands of tourists during the whole year. The entrance of foreigners in the Country has passed an average of 1,5 million visitors a year in the decade of 1990 to 4 million visitors a year in 2000, according to the Statistical Yearbook of Embratur (Brazilian Institute of Tourism) of 2003. There is a special attraction that you can only find when you arrive here: the Brazilian people. Far more than its landscapes, the way of living of these people surprises for their simplicity, hope, joy and the welcome they give to visitors.


The Northeast of Brazil is a magic region full of enchantments, where the golden of the sun is reflected on blue, warm and clear waters and also in the green of the forests and bushes inside each State. A tropical paradise, as a few in the world, bathed with the golden light of a constant sun. The sun and the constant breeze makes the Northeast of Brazil a place more than perfect for those who want to have sun as a friend on holiday. It is part of the landscape, ruling every day of the year. Who comes does not need to choose the best season of the year to find the sun. It is always present. 


Sun, sea, white sandy beaches, coconut palms, swimming pools with multicoloured fish, areas in the inner of the region full of wild animals and secular trees. It is impossible to describe everything that the Northeast nature of Brazil offers as attractions to enchant you.


If you are looking for good surprises, you will surely find them

                       If you come to the Northeast of Brazil.



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